In line with the Victorian Government's Roadmap out of restrictions, Mind & Seek can shortly resume face- to-face services for routine care.

As a small business and a mental health service, we aim to carefully balance the safety of our clients and our clinicians whilst providing ongoing psychological care to clients with least disruption.

Update to Attendance Policy

Frequently Asked Questions

When will the clinic resume face-to-face services for routine care?

In line with Victoria's Roadmap target of 80% double vaccination rates, from November 4th 2021 we will resume face-to-face services for routine care.

How are you keeping the clinic COVIDSafe?

  • All our staff are fully vaccinated.
  • We have closed our waiting room and ask parents and clients to wait in cars (or outside) until the psychologist prompts them to enter the premises for the appointment.
  • We have transparent screens at the reception desk and continue to offer remote reception services where appropriate.
  • We have alcohol-based hand-sanitiser available throughout the clinic (including at the entry).
  • We clean clinic rooms between sessions (including toys, chairs, doorknobs etc.).
  • We have a no-touch digital infrared thermometer to check temperatures upon entry.
  • We wear face-masks when on the premises.
  • We have HEPA air purifiers in each consulting room.
  • We maintain social distancing where possible.
  • We stay home if feeling unwell and offer telehealth services if appropriate

Will my child or I have to wear a mask during face-to-face services?

Yes, face masks must be worn at all times during your visit (including children grade 3 and up). We will provide clean surgical masks for you to wear upon arrival at the clinic. Psychologists can make individual decisions about the clinical appropriateness of wearing masks if it is deemed to interfere with the session. Parents will be consulted in these instances (e.g., child is having difficulty engaging in therapy with a mask on and cannot engage via telehealth). For children in Grade 2 or under, parents can make individual decisions about their children wearing masks.

Will my child or I need to be vaccinated to attend face-to-face services?

As a small business, all individuals (clients and/or parents and guardians) must provide proof of vaccination (fully vaccinated) in order to attend our premises. This includes clients aged 12 years and over and attending parents or guardians. Please click here to learn more about how to get your COVID-19 digital certificate.

What if I (parent/guardian) am not vaccinated? Can my child still attend face-to-face sessions?

If parents/guardians are not fully vaccinated, children 11 years and younger may still attend face-to-face appointments on site. However, parents/guardians must wait in the car (or outside the premises) for the duration of the appointment. Telehealth services also remain available as an alternative.

If I (parent/guardian) am unable to enter the premises due to my vaccination status but my child is able to attend their appointment, how can I communicate with the psychologist about the progress of the session / my concerns?

Collaboration with parents is a key part of your child's therapy. We understand that if you are unable to attend our premises during this time, our new procedures may make it more challenging for you to communicate with the psychologist about your child's progress. We can consider alternatives to face-to-face check-ins, including an email update or a brief phone call by ending child session 10 minutes early. The possibility for parent-only sessions via telehealth may vary according to your funding options available. If you have any concerns, please contact our reception to discuss your individual needs.

What if my child is not vaccinated?

If your child is 12 years or older and not vaccinated, they can continue to access their psychological care via our telehealth services whilst these rules are in place. If you have any concerns, please contact our reception to discuss your individual needs.

How will you be checking our vaccination status?

To ensure the health and safety of all our clients and staff, we ask that all visitors to the site show a COVID-19 digital certificate to provide proof of their vaccination. Instructions on how to setup the COVID-19 digital certficate can be found here. This will be checked upon entry to the clinic either by the clinician, or one of our friendly admin staff. If you are unable to integrate your digital certificate with your service now app, you can send us a copy of your digital certificate prior to your scheduled appointment.

If my child has a valid exemption for not wearing a mask and/or getting vaccinated, can they still attend face-to-face sessions?

If you can provide proof from an authorised medical practitioner that grants a valid exemption from being vaccinated and/or needing to wear a mask, you will be able to attend face-to-face sessions, so long as appropriate physical distancing can also be maintained.

Will I need to use the Services Victoria app when visiting the clinic?

Yes. As recommended by the Victorian Government, everyone who attends the site - including staff - need to register their visit via the Services Victoria App. QR codes are at the entrance of the clinic, and staff will be available to assist you with your check-in.

Will my child or I need to check in when attending a session?

Yes. Please see the answer above for more information.

Why do I need to demonstrate that I've checked in and that I have been vaccinated?

As a child and adolescent service, many of our clients are ineligible for vaccination and as case numbers in the community rise, our young clients remain vulnerable to COVID-19. To minimise risk to our clients and staff as Victoria begins to open up from restrictions, from Nov 4th 2021, we require all individuals eligible for vaccination (aged 12+) to be fully vaccinated prior to entering our premises for face-to-face appointments. This includes clients 12 years and over and attending parents or guardians.

How will physical distancing work?

Furniture in the consultation rooms is distanced as close to 1.5m as possible and efforts will be made to minimise client contact in the waiting room and hallway areas.

Is the waiting room open?

No. We have closed our waiting room and ask parents and clients to wait in cars (or outside) until the psychologist prompts them to enter the premises for the appointment.

What can my child and I do to be COVIDSafe?

  • We ask you to clean your hands with the hand-sanitizer provided at the check-in station prior to entering the clinic.
  • Face masks must be worn at all times during your visit ( including children grade 3 and up).
  • We ask you to observe physical distancing at all times in the consulting rooms.
  • We ask you to cover your nose and mouth with your bent elbow or a tissue if you cough or sneeze.
  • We ask that you do not attend face-to-face counselling if you or your family members are feeling unwell or have visited an exposure site (in accordance with current health department guidelines).

When will cognitive, educational and autism assessments resume?

We are currently reviewing our assessment processes to ascertain whether our assessment services can be conducted using COVIDSafe practices during this time. For assessment validity, psychologists are not able to wear face masks for the entirety of an assessment session and this prevents a unique challenge as we aim to minimise the risk of covid transmission. If you have an assessment booked with us or are on our waitlist, we will provide you with an update on our assessment services soon.

What if I have concerns about this process?

We understand that this is a big change. If you have concerns and/or questions, we would much rather discuss these with you in person. Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0425 526 463 to talk further with one of our admin staff or the Director of the clinic.