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To minimise disruption to the continuity of care when you or your child are unwell or isolating, we have created virtual therapy rooms to continue your child's therapy online. 

Virtual therapy rooms are a unique way to keep your child engaged in online content and enable your psychologist to access therapeutic resources efficiently and collaboratively with your child when you cannot attend a face-to-face appointment. 

Here is an example of one of our therapy rooms.

Caption: The mind and seek home room include a selection of interactive resources and links that can navigate to specific rooms. We have a games room, play therapy room, video room and virtual bookshelves,

With the clever use of zoom remote control, children can navigate resources on screen with their psychologist.

Many of our therapeutic resources have online versions available, which enables your psychologist to continue therapy when you are unable to attend face-to-face appointments.

As we enter the winter months, we understand that unexpected illness can arise. In order to minimise disruption to you child's psychological care and our psychologists' demanding schedule, converting your appointment to telehealth when your child or psychologist is unwell is a great alternative. We require at least 24-hour's notice if you cannot attend a scheduled appointment. Should you need to cancel at short notice due to unexpected illness, we can offer a telehealth appointment instead (minimum of 30 minutes). 

Caption: The mind and seek bookshelves include a selection of therapeutic books read online. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions about our virtual therapy rooms. 

Virtual Therapy Rooms

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