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We offer Autism Assessment Services for Adolescents and Adults at both our Aberfeldie and Belmont locations.

Mind & Seek is primarily a youth-oriented practice, however, we have two psychologists who are skilled in adult assessment across the lifespan.

Over a half-day, 4-hour assessment session (with a scheduled break), an experienced psychologist will ask you to tell your story using the Monteiro Interview Guidelines for Diagnosing the Autism Spectrum (MIGDAS-2).

As part of the assessment process, clients will also be sent a range of questionnaires. A comprehensive report will accompany a feedback session to discuss the outcome of the assessment. Please enquire below for more information. 

For our adult autism assessment fees, please click here. For our payment options, please click here.

*We currently availability from June 2024 for Adult Assessments at our Aberfeldie location.

Adult Autism Assessment

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