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The Australian Psychological Society recommends an hourly rate of $300 per session, However, we aim to keep fees reasonable and rates are set substantially below this. From July 1st 2024, our counselling standard consultation rates will range from $200-$250, depending on your selected psychologist. Our provisional psychologist charges reduced rates for consultations. Please click here for our current assessment fee schedule.

The Mind & Seek administrative team at our Aberfeldie location work onsite Monday to Friday. Payment needs to be made on the day of appointment. In our Belmont location, we have remote reception and payments are made via invoice.  Bank transfer is our preferred payment method. Please follow the instructions on the invoice to either process the payment via bank transfer or credit card over the phone. Medicare rebates can then be processed if eligible.


Subject to eligibility, rebates for psychological services may be claimed through the following means:

Medicare: The psychological services at Mind & Seek are registered under Medicare. Clients referred to us under a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan, may receive up to 10 treatment sessions per year subsidised by Medicare. Please ask your GP or Paediatrician for further information regarding Medicare referrals. Click here for up-to-date information on Medicare rebates for psychology.

Medicare rebates may be claimed via Medicare Online Claiming for payment direct to your account if your bank details are registered with Medicare. Alternatively, you can claim your rebate by visiting Medicare.

Please note that Medicare does not cover psychological assessments (except for autism assessments under the appropriate referral by a paediatrician or psychiatrist) however, you may be eligible for a rebate under your private health care fund. 


If a client is unable to keep their scheduled appointment, please give us as much notice as possible, so that the time is available for us to offer that session to a client on our waiting / cancellation list.

  • Cancellation fees are charged when failing to attend or cancelling less than one full business day prior to scheduled appointment date. 

  • Cancellation fees apply to Private, Medicare and Compensable clients (i.e., VOCAT). Clients are responsible for the fee as the rebate cannot be claimed.

Fees & Rebates
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